Yuna: the magic of a name

Yuna: the magic of a name

With its range of very high standard hotel residences in Paris, Yuna takes you into a world of softness and elegance in which refinement reaches new heights. Located in the most vibrant neighbourhoods, our spacious and bright hotel apartments invite you to taste Big City Life. They, like Yuna, are strong, spiritual, diverse... Let’s shine a spotlight on this multifaceted name.


One name, two origins

We chose the name Yuna partly because of her ambivalence. Because Yuna is a duality. She is both a Breton with a strong character, radiant and determined, who unifies and persuades. She is also the gentle Japanese Yuna: the Moon, who watches over our nights, bathes us in a tender glow and guides us through the darkness. This duality perfectly represents the Yuna project, in which we draw you into the festive and dazzling tumult of Paris while simultaneously offering you a haven of tranquillity and intimacy.


Yuna: common traits

If, at first glance, the combative Breton Yuna and the delicate Japanese Yuna do not seem to have much in common, they nevertheless share more than they seem to. They are, each in their own way, at the centre of everything, just as our residences are at the heart of the trendy districts of Paris. They also show the way, Yuna the Breton leading and Yuna the Japanese showing the way. Likewise, Yuna wants to be a pathfinder and a trendsetter. By staying in our hotel residences, you can enjoy an intense immersive experience in the heart of Paris that allows you to feel at one with the city’s rhythm.


Shopping, culture, partying, Paris takes care of all desires and preferences. Under the aegis of Yuna, elegant and sensitive, determined and persuasive, you are invited to make the most of our apartment hotel residences, their comfort, refinement and many services.   


Photo: Yuna

Yuna, collection of hotel apartments in strategic areas of Paris

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