A serviced apartment is a form of accommodation halfway between a traditional apartment and a hotel. These apartments offer independent living spaces, such as fully equipped kitchens, living and dining rooms, as well as private bedrooms and bathrooms. However, unlike traditional apartments, some serviced apartments can also offer a range of hotel services, such as housekeeping, reception, gym and additional services on request. Thanks to their flexible design, serviced apartments are equally suited to business travelers and families on vacation, offering the privacy and comfort of home with the services and amenities of a hotel. Whether for a short or long stay, a serviced apartment is the perfect choice for anyone looking for convenient, comfortable and well-equipped accommodation in a city.


Serviced apartments offer many advantages over traditional hotels. One of the main advantages of these apartments is the extra space they offer compared to standard hotel rooms, as well as the great autonomy offered to travelers. Serviced apartments are generally more spacious and have a variety of rooms, making them ideal for longer stays and families with children.

Another advantage of serviced apartments is their competitive rates. Unlike hotels, serviced apartments often offer attractive rates, especially for longer stays. 

Serviced apartment locations are another strong point. They are usually located in convenient neighborhoods, close to shopping streets, tourist attractions and public transport. This makes it easy for guests to explore the city and access all the amenities they need.

Finally, serviced apartments are equipped with kitchens and bathrooms, offering guests a high degree of autonomy. Kitchens are fully equipped with appliances and cooking utensils, allowing guests to prepare their own meals and save on the cost of their stay. Private bathrooms also offer greater privacy and comfort.


Apartment services are tailored to different types of travelers and their specific needs. Whether you're traveling as a family with children, a duo, a group of friends or even on business, apartment services offer a comfortable and convenient stay experience.

For families with children, apartment services are ideal as they offer more space than traditional hotel rooms. Children can play and relax in spacious surroundings, and some apartments even offer children's games. What's more, fully equipped kitchens enable parents to prepare meals tailored to their family's specific needs.

Travelers in couples will appreciate the privacy offered by apartment services. Private bathrooms and separate living areas guarantee a comfortable and pleasant stay. What's more, apartments located in areas close to tourist attractions and public transport make it easy for couples to enjoy the region's activities and sights.

For business travelers, apartment services offer a convenient solution. Dedicated workspaces and connectivity facilities ensure optimum productivity. What's more, the flexibility offered by apartment services means you can extend your stay and work from a comfortable environment.


These apartments are specially designed to offer travelers a pleasant and convenient stay experience. Here are some key features of a serviced apartment:

1. Spacious and well-equipped: Serviced apartments generally offer more space than a traditional hotel room, with separate areas for the living room, bedroom and kitchen. They also feature a fully equipped kitchen, so travelers can prepare their own meals if they wish.

2. Hotel services: Unlike a traditional apartment, some serviced apartments offer hotel services such as regular cleaning, linen and towel changes, and a 24-hour reception to meet guests' needs.

3. Flexible stays: serviced apartments offer greater flexibility in terms of length of stay. Whether you're staying one night or several weeks, these apartments are designed to meet the needs of both short- and long-term travelers.

4. Economical: Compared to an extended stay in a hotel room, a serviced apartment can be more economical, offering the possibility of cooking your own meals and saving on catering costs.


Cleanliness and facility maintenance are top priorities for every serviced apartment. We strive to provide our residents with a clean, safe and comfortable environment throughout their stay.

To ensure the cleanliness of our facilities, we implement rigorous cleaning measures and strict maintenance protocols. Our professional cleaning teams ensure that each apartment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the arrival of each new resident. What's more, we use only high-quality cleaning products to ensure optimum cleanliness.

Our maintenance protocols also include regular inspections of our facilities to check that they are working properly. If any problems or malfunctions are identified, we ensure that they are resolved quickly and efficiently to guarantee our customers' comfort.

You can call on us for additional housekeeping during your stay, which can even be offered once every 6 days of your reservation.


When you're considering renting a serviced apartment, it's essential to pay attention to several important details to ensure you make the right choice. Here's what you should pay attention to:

1. Facilities: Check out the amenities included in the apartment, such as a fully equipped kitchen, Internet connection, flat-screen TV, etc. Make sure the apartment meets your amenity needs.

2. Security: Find out what security measures are in place in the building. Look for indications such as 24-hour surveillance systems, electronic door locks and on-site security guards to ensure your peace of mind.

3. Services: Check available services, such as regular apartment cleaning, laundry or concierge service. Make sure services meet your needs to provide a comfortable and convenient stay.

4. Location: Consider the apartment's location. Look for information on access to amenities such as stores, restaurants and public transport. Make sure the location suits your needs and preferences.

5. Features: Find out about other apartment features such as size, number of bedrooms, private bathrooms, etc. Make sure the apartment matches your preferences and the size of your group.

By paying attention to these details, you'll be able to choose the perfect serviced apartment that meets your needs and offers you a comfortable and secure stay.

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