The 2CV Paris Authentic experience

The 2CV Paris Authentic experience

Yuna hotel residences plunge you into the good Parisian vibes. By staying in a trendy district, full of character, close to timeless places and / or places that make the news, you get to taste all that Paris has to offer. And to add to the experience, why not embark with Paris Authentic aboard an actual 2CV? Take a deliciously retro journey through the past and present of Paris…


Paris Authentic: a deliciously vintage concept

Paris Authentic invites you to get into an actual vintage 2CV. The ‘dodoche’ as this quirky mid-20th century Citroën is affectionately referred to by its fans, is not just a means of transport. It’s a symbol of an era and a state of mind and will take you on a wonderful exploration of Paris. Comfortably relaxed on the bench seat, admiring the city through the car’s glass roof and windows, your guide will be the Paris Authentic driver. He will share his city with you, mixing anecdotes, historical facts, unusual details and a dash of the Parisian lifestyle. 


Choose the tour that suits you

Paris Authentic offers a choice of tours and it might be tough to choose, for example, between the Balade Légendaire and the l’Insoupçonnée, each lasting two hours. Original itineraries invite you to see the greatest monuments of Paris or take you to unusual and unexpected districts that are kept like wonderful secrets by Parisians. For couples, the Balade Romantique or the Cruise + By Night remain essential. Or, if you prefer, the Paris Authentic team can put together a bespoke tour catering to your own particular interests and preferences. Team building, orienteering, stylish transfer, newlyweds, it’s all possible!


With Yuna and Paris Authentic, you can enjoy a stylish, retro, fun experience while learning more about the City of Light. And we haven't even told you about all the little details that Paris Authentic has in store for you, including miniatures, Polaroids, and much more...    


Photo: Paris Authentic

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