Brunch in Paris

Brunch in Paris

This most British of traditions has conquered the capital of France. However, Parisians have added their own distinctive touch to the delicious brunch habit. During your stay in the Yuna residences, why not join in with this comparatively new Parisian lifestyle development and go out for brunch? Here are some popular places to enjoy it…


A traditional brunch

For some, brunch is an opportunity for a nostalgic experience in which the flavours of childhood blend into a moment of delightful relaxation. For that, nothing beats Le Pain Quotidien, with its large wooden tables, its scents of warm bread and its atmosphere of a family holiday home. The bread is organic, the produce fresh and carefully selected, and time stands still... At the Saint-Honoré Market, Maison Plisson invites you to rediscover the typical feel of a Parisian market via a magnificent buffet. Taste the chef's best finds on the stalls and relish the timeless ambiance.


Take your time

For the most Instagrammable brunch experience, head to Season Martyrs. Resolutely zen, in a beautifully designed and refined setting in which rattan plays a prominent role, you can enjoy an English breakfast or a French breakfast before finishing a good book or checking your emails. Weekday brunch? Kozy Kanopé is the address to remember. Its menu, frequently refreshed by the chef, always has some pleasant surprises in store and the smoothies are to die for. Finally, Les Artizans combine their savoir-faire to create a tasty brunch for you. The ingredients are sourced directly from the producers and the chef pâtissier works wonders.


Brunch has become a staple of Big City Life. During your Parisian stay at Yuna, why not adopt this delicious habit and take the time for a traditional or reinvented brunch? There’s no shortage of places to go and each has its own personality. Enjoy!



Photo: istetiana

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