All that glitters is in Paris!

All that glitters is in Paris!

Big City Life in Paris surfs on trends, appropriates the latest creations, and bursts free of dogma. Fashion, in all its exhilarating ephemerality, is arguably the most serious illustration of this…or could it be the other way around? Take advantage of your stay in one of the Yuna residences to experience the Paris of fashion, jewellery, designers and more...


The event of the autumn: Fashion Week

The effervescence continues to reach critical mass and questions abound… Which venue will stand out this year? Which model will cause a huge buzz? Which designer will revolutionise trends and impose his or her vision on the coming season? From September 26th to October 4th, the entire fashion world will have its eyes turned towards Paris. Why not take the opportunity to try to solve the mystery of the moment: the opening of the Boutique de Simon Porte Jacquemus? There’s only one clue at the moment, an address that is a byword for class: the Avenue Montaigne…


The Golds of Yves Saint-Laurent

Turning away from the catwalks for a moment, we urge you not to miss the essential winter exhibition in Paris: “Gold. The Golds of Yves Saint-Laurent”, presented by, of course, the Musée Yves Saint-Laurent. What the couturier described as the “modern black” is present in most of his creations, dresses and accessories. The dresses of Zizi Jeanmaire and Catherine Deneuve, all of gold, have also been passed down to posterity. And if you want to prolong the dream, fashion is on every street corner in Paris: at the Musée Galliera, at the Dior Foundation, and in the display windows of the Avenue Montaigne and the Rue Saint-Honoré. And if jewellery is your passion, there’s really only one place to go: the Place Vendôme!


Paris, more than ever, is the fashion capital of the world. Experience the excitement of Fashion Week and soak up the trendsetting vibes in Paris during your stay in one of the Yuna residences!


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